hystrix medical connects the dots.

Being the merging node between suppliers and buyers of medical products, implants and related services, hystrix medical acts as online marketplace and consequently offers yet unmatched benefits for both sides:

Producer / Distributor / Supplier on the supply side

Add a sales channel, get full market exposure, shorten time-to-market, add a B2B marketing channel, simplify the displaying of your product-, service- and education-bundle offers and maximise your customer centricity by adding an integrated EDI service

Hospital / Medical practice on the demand side

Add a sourcing channel, get full market overview and transparency, source products of highest quality, shorten time-to-offer, get easy-to-understand offers, get the economically optimal supplier constellation for your shopping cart, pay market prices and add EDI services speeding up your sourcing processes while maximising your procurement experience

Strategic Partners & Pioneers

for whom?

The market place is accessible to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of medical products, implants and services as well as hospitals and medical practices.

web application

The marketplace is built as SaaS (software as a service), which means that installation and maintenance costs are not incurred by any participant. You only get a login and have access to the entire market.


The market place is accessible via smartphone, tablet and desktop PC to meet the demand for speed and convenience at any time.


Full Customer-, Supplier Access and shortest time-to-offer, -market

Leverage Therapy-, product- and service-portfolio

Smart contracting

Real-time-opportunities, -statistics and -market metrics

Stock clearance sale

B2B marketing opportunity

we are currently looking for pioneers on both sides. being a pioneer allows you to incorporate your requirements and shape the future together with us.

«payers for healthcare services ask for efficiency. Thus, suppliers need to display simple offerings allowing the purchasing side to clearly see economic implications. The digitalization will play again a disruptive role in this well-established market.»

Florian Teuteberg, CEO Digitec Galaxus AG

«winning customer experience is defined by a systematic and smooth touchpoint management. Hence, no doubt MedTech players need a digital strategy in extension to traditional ‹sales forces› to acquire market shares and optimize profit margins.»

Manuel Specker, Senior Berater, Partner & Partner AG

«at hystrix medical we address both sides’ challenges and enable all stakeholders to overcome them – by adding speed, convenience and transparency!»

Philippe Hügli, Founder